Oppose SB359/HB3677 Involuntary detention without probable cause

Involuntary detention without probable cause and due process

LP Texas opposes SB359/HB3677. By enabling Texas citizens to be detained outside regular channels of law enforcement and the judiciary, the bill infringes upon our constitutional guarantees in the following ways.

* This bill  allows for persons to be detained by healthcare professionals, people who may have received no training in law enforcement much less the civil liberties guaranteed by our constitution.

* The criterion for detention is simply a belief that a person’s mental illness creates a substantial risk of serious harm to the person or to others. This criterion is much too low a threshold for involuntary detention.  Additionally, unlike peace officers, healthcare professionals will be held harmless from their poor decisions. 

* Detention is allowed until law enforcement arrives, effectively removing access to legal counsel as well as constitutionally-mandated habeas corpus protections for an indefinite period of time. 

In the interest of the civil liberties all Texans enjoy, we ask you to oppose this bill. 

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