Support HB 1444 - Eliminate Straight-ticket Voting in Certain Races

Eliminate Straight Party Voting in Judicial and Local Executive Races

HB 1444, filed by State Representative Jason Villalba (HD-114), eliminates straight-ticket voting in judicial and local executive races in any county with a population greater than one million.  The bill would also require judicial and local executive candidates to be listed with their party affiliation, or independent status, on the ballot.  Additionally, this bill would provide for notification to voters in affected counties that straight-ticket voting does not count in judicial and local executive races. This bill is a step toward eliminating straight-ticket voting.  

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Aug 7th, 2015
Someone from Grand Prairie, TX signed.
Jul 20th, 2015
Nathan H. from Rowlett, TX signed.
Jul 4th, 2015
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Jun 17th, 2015
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Jun 17th, 2015
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Jun 13th, 2015
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Jun 5th, 2015
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May 20th, 2015
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May 9th, 2015
Ben F. from Odessa, TX writes:
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Straight-Ticket voting is not democracy... it is Binary Oligarchy. The old parties all receive money from the same folks. Eliminate straight-ticket voting.
Apr 24th, 2015
Angelo N. from Carrollton, TX signed.